How do I Calculate Fraction of any Whole Number?

What is a Fraction?

It is a numerical quantity that is will never be a whole number, e.g. 1/5 or 0.2.

Let me rephrase it, A Fraction is always a few parts of a whole number.

Fraction Exmple

1 is not the fraction but the whole number, and the rest of the numerical values are the fraction.

Who do I find a fraction of a whole number?

Watch this short video for the answer.

Hope you now know how you can easily find a fraction of any whole number.

Another method to find a fraction of the whole number

Method: Multiply the whole number with the numerator and then what you get after multiplication that needs to be divided by denominator.

So what are numerator and denominator?

If the fraction is 3/8, the numerator is 3 and the denominator is 8.

The number above the line in a fraction is the numerator.
The number below the line in a fraction is the denominator.

Question: Find 2/3 or 18.

Solution: In 2/3, the numerator is 2 and the denominator is 3. The whole number here is 18.

  • Multiplying the numerator with Whole number 2 x 18 = 36
  • Now dividing what we got by denominator = 36/3 = 12

So the answer is 12.

The formula for quick calculation

(numerator x whole number) / denominator

Question: Get 1/4 of 36.


(1 x 36) / 4

= 36 / 4

= 9

Question: Find 3/4 of 20


(3 x 20) / 4

= 60 / 4

= 15

Fraction Calculator

Enter the numerator, Denominator, and the Whole number in the given field and click Calculate button to get the answer.

Example: If you are trying to find 2/3 of 90, then you will type 2 in Numerator, 3 in Denominator, and 90 in Whole number.