How to Convert Decimal to a Fraction Number

Decimals are also called decimal fraction because they are not the whole number. However, we are going to learn how you can remove the decimal from the number get the fraction number. For example, 0.5 will be converted into 1/2. We will explain how.

How would you write 1.5 as a fraction number?

Answer: 1.5 will be written as 3/2.

But, how 1.5 became 3/2? Let’s learn.

  • Step 1: write 1.5 as 1.5/1

(Explanation: I hope you know dividing any number by 1 gets you the same value. For example, 34/1 is the same as 34).

  • Step 2: If we remove decimal from 1.5/1 and it will be written as 15/10.

(Explanation: when we remove decimal from any number, we count how many digits we have after the decimal { on the right side of the decimal }. In case of 1.5, there is just one digit. That means 1 will become 10. This is how 1.5/1 converted to 15/10. In the same way, if we remove decimal from 523.46/1, it will become 52346/100 because we have 2 digits after the decimal.)

  • Step 3: If we simplify 15/10 to get the lowest value, we will get 3/2.

(Explanation:  We had 15/10 that means we had to divide (simplify) to get the lowest value. We must get a common number that can be used to divide both 15 and 10. In this case, the common number is 5. So, 5×3/5×2. Both 5 would disappear and we will have 3/2 remaining).

Now you know how we got 3/2 as a fraction from 1.5

Let’s try another example.

How to write 1.75 as a fraction number?

Answer: 1.75 as a fraction is 7/4

But, how did 1.75 became 7/4?

Step 1: write 1.75 as 1.75/1

Step 2: Since there are 2 digits after the decimal, so we will add 2 Zeroes (00) after 1 when we remove the decimal.  So, it will be written as 175/100

Step 3: Simplify 175/100 and it will be 7/4. Because 25×7/25×4 makes 175/100. So both 25 will disappear and we will have 7/4

How to write 3.2 as a fraction?

Answer: 3.2 as a fraction is 16/5

3.2 = 3.2/1

= 32/10
(as we explained in the earlier example, we need to add 1 zero because there is one digit after the decimal)

then simplify 32/10  (2×16 / 2×5)

= 16/5

How to write 0.5 as a Fraction?

Answer: 0.5 as a fraction is 1/2

0.5 = 0.5/1

= 5/10 (after removing decimal)

= 1/2 (after simplification)

Can you write whole numbers like 15, 32, and any other number as a fraction?

Whole numbers are integers, they cannot be written as a fraction. We never write 15/1 or 32/1.